Growing up I had my heart set in cement on creating all types of ART. I had MANY hobbies that I was really into and I loved every each and one of them so dearly!  Special thanks to my family and friends. I was a dancer, arts and craft enthusiast, digital illustrator, cake decorator, photographer, scrapbooker, you name it. I wore lots of hats to be able to express and create what I had and still envision inside of my head every day. Every project I started on, I always looked forward on what the finished product was going to be. A sprinkle and dusting of passion and creativity is primarily what I put into each creation with the ever so cute and kawaii floating inspirations all around me.  

My first appearance was at the Saint Paul Art Crawl in October 2012 as Hmong Art. I also attended the Hmong American Freedom Celebration in July of 2013 as Hmong Art and following that, the Saint Paul River Center Hmong New Year in November 2013. 

In January of 2014, I opened my very own online Etsy Shop to be able to share my creations with family, friends, and supporters near and far that admired and supported my works. I am truly grateful and thankful.  Their supports came in many different ways and it always makes me so happy and motivated to keep doing what I enjoy the most. What I do is a PASSION so things change around quite often in my world of creations. 

I hope that you all will enjoy what I create and have to show you all in the many years to come!

Thank you,