I am Hmong

     Behold. . . .the GREEN LADY.  This particular piece explains a lot of who and what life of as a Hmong girl has been like for me. Hence, my background ethnicity is: Hmong. 
     Now, I don't a WHOLE LOT about the wedding traditions of my culture but on the day of the bride and groom's traditional wedding, there is a lady from the groom's side to be with her at all times. Once the wedding is done on both side of the married couple's homes, the Green Lady will then be relieved of her job. *Whewwww*   I've never been a green lady before and I'm thankful I've never been one.  Their job and duty of staying with the bride is HARD, LONG, and TIRINGGGGG.

     One of the other way I purposely made this piece to be too was to show how the life of a Hmong girl or family back in the old old days was deeply involved and surrounded by the gardening life.   Gardening can be a way of a family of showing wealth, talent, strength, and/or simply the ways of living and/or surviving. For my family and us, it was simply a family hobby and our way of living. What can be better than growing our own fresh organic greens? ^-^
     As a Hmong girl growing up half my life on a farm, I've tended to a good amount of gardening with my family and it's an activity that had allowed our family to always come together to catch up and have fun. More gardening, more fun. (^o^) 
     It's safe to say this piece of mine was deeply inspired by my ethnic roots, younger days of gardening, and my love and appreciation of nature that surrounds me to this day to keep me inspired and appreciate and be happy with my life.

This piece can be interpreted in many ways based on just who you are. ^-^  

As always, keep doing what you love, and don't give up! <3

#MerMay Mermaid Fever

     It's been a while since I've been touching my bloggggg. Any who.......this is my "Bottled Up Mermaid" piece! I like to go through my OLDER sketches once in while and finally TURN them into a digital piece so I can start sharing them with you guys. As you guys have probably heard enough from me in the past, I am INFATUATED with the marine aquatic lives that thrives and travels in water: creek, river, lake, ocean, you name it!  Their MAJESTICNESS, colorfulness, livliness, and their ecosystem always continues to amaze and draw me in. 

     This particular piece took me ONE and a HALF day to finish.  I used my Ipad Pro 12.9 with the AMAZINNNGGG Procreate app to draw and paint her with.  **One of the best ipad app for me by the way** ^-^  If you're a beginning artist or even a PRO artist looking for an affordable, reliable, or different method way to create your digital art pieces, you'll HAVE TO try this app outttt! The Ipad Pro 12.9 and purchasing the Procreate drawing app is by far one the best thing I've ever invested into for my art.
There you have it, my #MerMay piece for you guys before this wonderful BIRTH MONTH of mine ends! 

Where Do I Get My Inspiration?

When I am sitting on the couch with the sun's gleaming rays of light warming up my skin, I close my eyes with my head tilt up to the ceiling and try to feel the little dust particles floating around not as dust but as mini glowing fireflies.  Crazy right? But seriously, that's what I try and want to see the world I live in as to keep doing what I love to do.  I am a person who gets burned out easily, but once I start imagining my surroundings more mythically and whimsically, it becomes one of the most beautiful world ever. This is one of the ways I try to keep myself inspired and going so I do not feel so drained or burned out.   
Once I get in the mood, I see so many things: rainbows, unicorns, florescent glowing snails, you name it!  What I see and think of every single day comes and goes like the wind all the time. In a couple of minutes I have all these cool and beautiful ideas for my next project and then the next minute, it will vanish as quick as when I thought of it. SOOOOooo. . . .to prevent that, if you see me around, I'll either have my sketchbook or my phone with me to capture all those inspirations that just comes rushing. I'm not much of a sketch person, but I love writing down what I think, hear, and see.   


-_-" . . . . . . . See what I'm saying. . . .HA! Don't laugh at me.
Jotting down what I'm thinking as I walk along my way allows me to see everything again after hours or days have passed by.  ^-^
For this piece, I was walking through the tropical exhibit at the Como Zoo Conservatory where there were these BIG mola-like fishes slowly swimming their way around. Being who I am, I stand there staring at their movements and what ever comes at me, I write it down.   I walk around a little more each time in the botanical garden of the Como Zoo Conservatory and I could just imagine seeing white glowing butterflies floating everywhere making everything EXTRA magical and mythical with paper airplanes zooming by.  Ughhhhh.......If only I can bring EVERY image I see to reality! 


The world would be SOOOOO magestic. . . . .
What about you? How do you stay inspired in what you do? Do you take a stroll down the park or walk at the zoo like me? Comment down below what you do to stay inspired and what you do to keep and bring those beautiful images in your head to life. ^^ 

What Makes My Passion More Valuable?

Recently I have gathered so much courage and strength into taking commission orders on Family/Couple Portraits.  Let me tell you, IT IS, BY FAR, ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS  I HAVE EVER LEAPED TO! I am super happy for all my other projects I have been able to produce and create but being able to take commissions and finally push this experience into motion is SO rewarding.  Every time I finish every individual process of creating my client's pieces, I have this endless feeling of accomplishment and HAPPINESS.  Imagining, brainstorming, sketching, and putting all the pieces of the sketches together to make the final product to me, is what other's may feel like when they receive their school degree or reach the finish line when running a marathon etc. Being able to create my art pieces and finishing them is exactly that feeling.

Not only is finishing an art piece so satisfying but it is so delightful in so many ways.  Being able to hear and read that my art piece has made their day better is what makes my passion more valuable.  

I am so grateful for what I am able to do to contribute to people's lives; big or small. It may not be as impactful as finding a cure for a disease or creating the next big tech software, but to me, if creating art pieces will make people smile a little more and stop what they're doing for just a second, then my goal is achieved.  
Enough about me.  What about you? Comment down below what makes you happy and more delightful everyday?

One of the commission pieces I was able to do for a couple.  It's always such an honor to create something that will last for a long time! ^^ 
With the permission from my clients, I am able to show how their relationship can inspire such a one of a kind piece just for them to remember!

Kawaii Bunchies

This week I was able to create one of my new kawaii bunchies digital piece.  They are sooooo cute.
I can not wait to turn them into a product so I can add them to my creation collection! ACCKKkkkk! That feeling when you finish an art piece. It's soooo........SATISFYING! A feeling of accomplishment each time. Haha. I spend more than a couple minutes after creating each piece looking and gazing at it endlessly.  Some times even touching the computer screen too. hehe. Do you do the same thing after you finish a project? It doesn't have to be a BIG or a small project. Just any project. Do you go back and admire your own work sometimes too? Leave your comment down below of what you do after finishing an art piece or project. 



About a week ago my siblings got me an IPAD PRO 12.9inch!

Goodness, this thing is massive and beautiful. I was really hesitant if the IPAD PRO will make my digital illustration process easier. It was much better than I had expected. I am in love with this thing. 

Here's a little short clip of me unboxing the IPAD PRO! 


I look forward to producing more craft and fine art contents; speed paintings, drawing, line arts, etc.
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