What Makes My Passion More Valuable?

Recently I have gathered so much courage and strength into taking commission orders on Family/Couple Portraits.  Let me tell you, IT IS, BY FAR, ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS  I HAVE EVER LEAPED TO! I am super happy for all my other projects I have been able to produce and create but being able to take commissions and finally push this experience into motion is SO rewarding.  Every time I finish every individual process of creating my client's pieces, I have this endless feeling of accomplishment and HAPPINESS.  Imagining, brainstorming, sketching, and putting all the pieces of the sketches together to make the final product to me, is what other's may feel like when they receive their school degree or reach the finish line when running a marathon etc. Being able to create my art pieces and finishing them is exactly that feeling.

Not only is finishing an art piece so satisfying but it is so delightful in so many ways.  Being able to hear and read that my art piece has made their day better is what makes my passion more valuable.  

I am so grateful for what I am able to do to contribute to people's lives; big or small. It may not be as impactful as finding a cure for a disease or creating the next big tech software, but to me, if creating art pieces will make people smile a little more and stop what they're doing for just a second, then my goal is achieved.  
Enough about me.  What about you? Comment down below what makes you happy and more delightful everyday?

One of the commission pieces I was able to do for a couple.  It's always such an honor to create something that will last for a long time! ^^ 
With the permission from my clients, I am able to show how their relationship can inspire such a one of a kind piece just for them to remember!