Where Do I Get My Inspiration?

When I am sitting on the couch with the sun's gleaming rays of light warming up my skin, I close my eyes with my head tilt up to the ceiling and try to feel the little dust particles floating around not as dust but as mini glowing fireflies.  Crazy right? But seriously, that's what I try and want to see the world I live in as to keep doing what I love to do.  I am a person who gets burned out easily, but once I start imagining my surroundings more mythically and whimsically, it becomes one of the most beautiful world ever. This is one of the ways I try to keep myself inspired and going so I do not feel so drained or burned out.   
Once I get in the mood, I see so many things: rainbows, unicorns, florescent glowing snails, you name it!  What I see and think of every single day comes and goes like the wind all the time. In a couple of minutes I have all these cool and beautiful ideas for my next project and then the next minute, it will vanish as quick as when I thought of it. SOOOOooo. . . .to prevent that, if you see me around, I'll either have my sketchbook or my phone with me to capture all those inspirations that just comes rushing. I'm not much of a sketch person, but I love writing down what I think, hear, and see.   


-_-" . . . . . . . See what I'm saying. . . .HA! Don't laugh at me.
Jotting down what I'm thinking as I walk along my way allows me to see everything again after hours or days have passed by.  ^-^
For this piece, I was walking through the tropical exhibit at the Como Zoo Conservatory where there were these BIG mola-like fishes slowly swimming their way around. Being who I am, I stand there staring at their movements and what ever comes at me, I write it down.   I walk around a little more each time in the botanical garden of the Como Zoo Conservatory and I could just imagine seeing white glowing butterflies floating everywhere making everything EXTRA magical and mythical with paper airplanes zooming by.  Ughhhhh.......If only I can bring EVERY image I see to reality! 


The world would be SOOOOO magestic. . . . .
What about you? How do you stay inspired in what you do? Do you take a stroll down the park or walk at the zoo like me? Comment down below what you do to stay inspired and what you do to keep and bring those beautiful images in your head to life. ^^