I am Hmong

     Behold. . . .the GREEN LADY.  This particular piece explains a lot of who and what life of as a Hmong girl has been like for me. Hence, my background ethnicity is: Hmong. 
     Now, I don't a WHOLE LOT about the wedding traditions of my culture but on the day of the bride and groom's traditional wedding, there is a lady from the groom's side to be with her at all times. Once the wedding is done on both side of the married couple's homes, the Green Lady will then be relieved of her job. *Whewwww*   I've never been a green lady before and I'm thankful I've never been one.  Their job and duty of staying with the bride is HARD, LONG, and TIRINGGGGG.

     One of the other way I purposely made this piece to be too was to show how the life of a Hmong girl or family back in the old old days was deeply involved and surrounded by the gardening life.   Gardening can be a way of a family of showing wealth, talent, strength, and/or simply the ways of living and/or surviving. For my family and us, it was simply a family hobby and our way of living. What can be better than growing our own fresh organic greens? ^-^
     As a Hmong girl growing up half my life on a farm, I've tended to a good amount of gardening with my family and it's an activity that had allowed our family to always come together to catch up and have fun. More gardening, more fun. (^o^) 
     It's safe to say this piece of mine was deeply inspired by my ethnic roots, younger days of gardening, and my love and appreciation of nature that surrounds me to this day to keep me inspired and appreciate and be happy with my life.

This piece can be interpreted in many ways based on just who you are. ^-^  

As always, keep doing what you love, and don't give up! <3